Keeping water meter systems up-to-date is a project MB Construction has been doing for quite some time. This includes the removal of antiquated metering systems and the installation of upgraded, efficient systems. MB utilizes cutting edge proprietary technology for seamless integration of each new system into customers billing software. Our knowledgeable staff take out the pain and hassle normally associated with a meter upgrade with advanced technology, experience, and good old fashioned elbow grease. Our goal is to provide a turn-key system install, leaving a happy customer, and a healthier water system. We’ve completed meter system upgrades in small town rural water districts, as well as in big cities.


Building a relationship you can trust is half the work- carrying out the work is the rest. MB Construction considers each and every project a stepping stone. Installing water meters isn’t a job for some ordinary crew. With over 15 years of experience, our team of individuals is one of the top in the Midwest in the meter service industry

‘All the work was done in a prompt and professional manner as promised’

- Bill Roesch, Village of Loami